The Best Reasons to Choose Tucci Di Lusso’s Handmade Shoes for Men

The Best Reasons to Choose Tucci Di Lusso’s Handmade Shoes for Men

If you have never owned a pair of handmade shoes, you may not completely understand what the difference is between high-quality craftsmanship and the mass-produced shoes from the brands you know. Whether you are shopping for yourself, or choosing an unforgettable gift for a friend or family member who enjoys the finer things in life, the difference is truly remarkable.


While you’ll find Tucci Di Lusso’s men’s shoes to be both elegant and comfortable, the starkest difference between their handcrafted luxury and more common items is the combination of modern, inventive designs personalized to meet your own iconic style. Made from hand in just two weeks, the shoes you select will be hand crafted, hand painted and personalized to meet your specifications. The result isn’t just a pair of shoes – it’s an unforgettable gift or a luxurious ‘gift to yourself’ that you will enjoy for years.


Here are the top five reasons to chose handmade shoes for men:


  • Individuality – with handmade men’s shoes from Tucci Di Lusso, you’ll receive a combination of modern design choices made from experienced craftsman using leather techniques that have been honed over the past hundreds of years in Italy. The best handmade shoes feature top quality stitching, luxurious materials, and bespoke craftsmanship. The Di Lusso men’s shoe line adds modern design elements as well, providing a unique gift that will be enjoyed for years.


  • Luxurious materials – Another luxury that sets handmade leather goods apart from the competition is the materials used. Handmade shoes are crafted from the highest quality materials, rather than the cheap, synthetic alternatives that we are unfortunately more used to wearing. The result is footwear that is both comfortable and durable – lasting much longer than common brands, without loosing support. Handmade leather items just get better with time, as you wear them in. Tucci Di Lusso’s men’s shoe line features exotic materials, including alligator, crocodile, stingray, ostrich, and lizard. With a combination of handcrafted quality and exotic material, the shoes crafted specifically for you will showcase your own iconic style.


  • Personalization – When you chose men’s shoes from Tucci Di Lusso, personalization and customization are available for each handcrafted, handmade, and hand painted item. A luxurious pair of handmade shoes should fit you like a glove and reflect your individual style. No matter your shoe size – from US 6 to 18, your items will be handcrafted to fit even the hardest-to-fit feet. A personalized order from Tucci Di Lusso includes a full measurement to ensure the final product fits perfectly.


  • Craftsmanship – Handmade craftsmanship just can’t be beat. If you enjoy handmade sweets, bespoke furniture designs, or hand-crafted brews, you understand the difference. In addition, handmade leather items will last 10 years or more, getting even better with age. Because they’re handcrafted with high-quality, polished materials, your shoes will last much longer than non-hand-crafted shoes, saving you money in the long run. Luxury fashion items are a quality investment for those who enjoy the finer things in life – which you will be enjoying for years in the future.


  • Small business – The final reason to choose handcrafted leather goods from Tucci Di Lusso is to support a small business owner and artisan craftsman. Lusso is owned and operated by a Nigerian immigrant to the U.S. who earned his MBA from the University of Bridgeport and has founded two other fashion companies before starting Lusso in Houston, Texas. Choosing handcrafted shoes is also an investment in the expert artisans who have kept alive leather craftsmanship for generations and an investment in continuing this luxury for generations to come.


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About Tucci Di Lusso

Tucci Di Lusso is a premium handmade shoes and accessories brand for men and women of distinction. The luxury brand offers a wide selection of handmade luxury Italian leather dress shoes, luxury sport sneakers, boots, wallets, bags other leather goods and accessories. Tucci Di Lusso shoes are designed with class and elegance in mind, while delivering comfort and durability. Tucci Di Lusso’s innovative designs and quality craftsmanship adds a modern touch to luxury goods.


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